Sunday, July 15, 2012

First Post!

This is the first post of my first blog, so bear with me. I tired to start all the way back on July 15 but as we can all see that didn't work very well (Today is September 14). I am starting this blog because I want to be able to help people on the path to a healthier life. I have recently (more like 6 months ago) embarked on a paleo-lifestyle and it has changed my life. I feel amazing, my energy levels are better than they have ever been, my complexion, definition, and overall body image have improved immensely. I really feel like this is something that I should share with others and spread the paleo words of joy! I definitely do not have all the answers but I can help and talk about the great things I have done to improve my life. The title of my blog is the Loaf is Toast; this is referring to the fact that I feel much better without grains (not that I made toast). The main portion of my blog is going to discuss the paleo-lifestyle and some recipes every now and then. Sometimes I will touch on the workouts I am doing and the fun stuff going on in my life. I am not an expert by any means, therefore I will be referencing the real experts in my discussions. Sometimes I will throw in some random stuff like politics, charities, my dog, etc.  I hope to get a one blog per week to start and possibly more in the near future. I work full-time and I am a student as well so this is strictly a side project in an attempt to help and inform others. Comments and questions are always welcome and I will do my best to respond.


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