Saturday, December 1, 2012

Wild Game- A variety of protein

So this year has been pretty awesome for wild game. We have been able to add a ton of variety to our diet with all of the birds, fish and deer we got this year. For starters, Alli got me a guided fishing trip for my birthday this year and it was so fun! We caught a ton of fish in South Dakota. We reached our limit  at like 7 in the morning so we got to fish for trophy fish for the rest of the day. Around 9 am, I was reeling in a fish and the guide starts yelling  " OH MY WALTER" and  "GET IN HERE WALTER." I'm really not sure why he called it Walter but I guess that is the name of all big fish or something like that. Once I got the fish in the boat, I got pretty excited to after I realized it was a 28" walleye. My excitement didn't last because Alli embarrassed my fish with her small-mouth bass that was like 1/2" off the state record. It was such a fun day and we got to take our fish home. The guide insisted that we mount the walleye because it was a "catch of a lifetime." After one stupid decision and $400.00 later, I have a fish hanging above my desk.

Later in the year, our neighbor went duck hunting almost everyday. He got a ton of birds and could not eat all of it. So I got about 20 pounds of duck meat for free. Alli doesn't like it that well but that is ok with me. I have been grilling 4-5 a week and eating them after a workout. It is much cheaper than a protein shake or any other source of protein that I would have had to buy!

Finally, November 10, deer season arrived. My friend Chris, has been going crazy since like the end of season last year and it finally arrived. We went out on opening morning to two different stands and as soon as it gets light I hear him get one. Two seconds after I hear him shoot... My phone vibrates and it reads, " I GOT ONE ;)" All of his excitement and waiting was over in a matter of hours ha... I didn't see anything that morning. A couple days later I went down to the river and waited there for the evening. Sure enough, I pretty nice buck came rolling through and I got him. Now we have 70 pounds of deer that I plan on using to make more paleo jerky sticks with. I think Chris and i are going to go out again in a couple weeks. Hopefully I get another one so I can have some steaks and other cuts. The first thing I am going to do is make honey infused prune deer tagine, it looks amazing.
I love being able to hunt and fish in Nebraska. It is such a great opportunity to get a variety of proteins in our diet and it its very inexpensive. These animals live in their natural habitat and eat a natural diet so that is great for us! Hopefully there is more to come this year.


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